Sunday, 14 April 2013

Now You can play Bid For Power On your Android Phone

Well here some interesting stuff ,Now you can play Bid For Power {PC Game} on your Android OS Phone.A good revival for this legendary game and now new age fans can also be introduced to one of the first Dragon Ball Z PC games.Sadly there is no news on the final version of Bid For Power which was supposed to release in 2012.

Here are the instructions to play
1. Download Open Arena from Google Play and run it. Wait the download of the PK3 files (12) and play Open Arena.

2. Download my Bid for Power ioquake3 Bid for Power 1.2 and install it. Open the folder "baseoa" and delete "1.pk3" "2.pk3", rename the folder to "Bid For Power".

3. Copy the "Bid For Power" folder on your Android device

4. Run Open Arena, select the mod and play.                                              

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  1. I hope this works man :D I could never seem to get the game working on my pc...

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  3. nice bid for power 5.0 works very good