Friday, 25 October 2013

DragonBall Doom Remake Work In Progress

DragonBall Doom Remake Work In Progress



 DragonBall Doom was a mod for the original Doom PC game {20002} which has with the times become a standalone DBZ PC Game.{2012} and now in 2013 is set for a whole new awesome makeover. 

Qwerty from the DragonBall Games And  Mods page has started working on this old school DragonBall Z MOD and has shown some noteworthy progress in the past few days .The game seems to have picked up the awesome style look and feel and looks amazing from the progress videos.

Check out the progress videos for yourself and enjoy

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Highly Anticipated ZED-U Alpha Version Releases

The Highly Anticipated ZED-U Alpha Version Releases
On 29 July 2013 ZED-U started its development process with the game being developed on the  powerhouse Unity engine.And now the first alpha has finally gone public

This is what the game managing director had to say:
"The Prealpha release features one fight with Nappa (MORE TO BE RELEASED). The Alpha version is a start from scratch and we're working on Multiplayer now. Multiplayer is 100% functional, the game just isn't finished. The Multiplayer version is currently not for public release, but there are open Alpha Testing slots for people to sign up to play the game during Alpha production" then give him a link to the article for people to sign up.'

Our Take:The game seems to be very impressive with a random story mode of Goku vs Nappa.
The graphics seem to be much better and also resembles the anime style of DBZ Games.The game is still quite buggy but worth a try


Monday, 14 October 2013

Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Online

Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Online

Well guys!!! after the Download links have hit the net here is one final present before we start our long wait for the movie to hit theaters and also the english dub.We will look forward to providing more and more news regarding the movie and further developments of Dragon Ball Z

 Enjoy the movie guys :D

English Subs
Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle Of The Gods Online