Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Leaked Earths Special Forces Video is just an April Fools Prank

                          Well if you found this video on youtube and thought the game got leaked due to all the rumors going around it is actually a fake.This hole prank was engineered by the ESF forum itself as an april fools joke.Yeah even we were fooled by this prank and it truly got us searching for the leaked version of ESF Final.

Here is a post from Grega  of the Earths special forces forum to justify the entire incident
  "We pulled a prank on the community with the help of part of the community, or rather a part of the community pulled a prank on the rest of the community with the help of the devs/mods.

A large number of people fell for it. it's not quite Earth Special Forces Kidz meterial or scale, but as an april fools joke it was successful. Much more than the ones we did in the past 3 years no less. And it wasn't even our joke to begin with. We just made 3 or 4 pictures from ingame and a short video with raven playing cowboy terrorist and dalte providing a voice over.

Our "hacker" accounts even got quite a few PMs wanting the link to the "leaked" client. So how is that not a success. And sorry but if anyone gets so buthurt over an april fools joke, then they need to grow up.

Now if I was on the other end of this, would I be tinkled. Yes, for a while, but then id pretty much laugh it off like I did with Earth Special Forces Kidz"

Site opinion-After thinking about it we were offended for a while but then we got over it and understood it was just a April Fools Joke.At least we got to see some more progress so yeah requesting all The Earths Special Forces fans to chill

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