Thursday, 23 October 2014

{Tutorial}How to access Blocked Download Links in your country

{Tutorial}How to access Blocked Download Links in your country
Well this was a huge problem on our site because links would get banned in many countries and there would be no way to access them Now we have found a way to access them easily

 1-Go to this site

2-Copy the Download link you want 
for example---

3-Paste it in the paste box on the site given in point (1)
See The pictures for better understanding
 4-Click The 'Deadfly' optian 

 5-You will see a new link

6-Click the new link and Enjoy

Note-Some links will have files which may be deleted we will try to renew the links soon.You can report dead links on our forums

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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dragon Ball Xenoverse To release for PC

Dragon Ball Xenoverse To release for PC
After the success of Dragon Ball Online on the PC Bandai Nanco is bringing Dragon Ball Xenoverse to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360and now steam {PC} .
This is a huge breakthrough for PC gamers as no Dragon Ball Z Games get released for PC.
The game looks to take THE FUN AND EPICNESS ENJOYED in a Dragon Ball Z Game to a whole new level.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse to release in Early 2015
check out the awesome trailer

Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Dragon Ball Z Movie to Release in 2015

New Dragon Ball Z Movie to Release in 2015

After the huge success of Dragon Ball Z Battle o the Gods. a new Dragon Ball Z Movie is in the making and is set to release in japan in 2015.Not much is know about the movie but the trailer reveals someone is getting revived by the eternal dragon .There are high rumors of Broly being that new threat but its all speculation .Akira Toriyama is playing an important role in moderating as well as ground level work in the movie

Check out the trailer

Friday, 2 May 2014

ZED-U To Release Next Version In Q3 2014

ZED-U To Release Next Version In Q3 2014
ZED-U is a fast progressing game that seems to be making all the right noises .The game was  announced not less than a year ago and at first was progressing towards anime style graphics but now is bended towards realistic style graphics like Earths Special Forces.

The newest release of the game is stated to come out in the end of June 2014 or later stated by the developer.The latest progress video shows the new beam struggle added to the game which was a golden feature of the legendary Game ZEQ2 LITE Public Beta 1.

check out the latest progress video

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 releases latest version

Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 releases latest version
The latest version of Dragon Ball Z SAGAS 2 has released by Samcross .This new update includes a more extended world map  and Goku can now transform to Super Saiyan. The game is still far from finished and you should try it out only for testing purposes

There are some chances that the creator will work more on this game and add a bot character for combat purposes

Watch the Progress video here
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Saturday, 25 January 2014

DragonBall Online is Back

DragonBall Online is Back

After almost 4 years of  the game running, on september 26 2013 the Korean Version shut down and on october 31 2013 the Taiwan and Hong Kong versions also shut down  .Hence the official DragonBall Online came to an end

On December 31 2013 DBO Revelations revealed a video of them working on a new private server project or a new playable beta of DragonBall Online .The beta is going to be an english version of the game.There is no release date of the game as of yet but progress is in full swing

Watch the Video Below

DragonBall Online Private Server Project  Website

Facebook page