Thursday, 23 October 2014

{Tutorial}How to access Blocked Download Links in your country

{Tutorial}How to access Blocked Download Links in your country
Well this was a huge problem on our site because links would get banned in many countries and there would be no way to access them Now we have found a way to access them easily

 1-Go to this site

2-Copy the Download link you want 
for example---

3-Paste it in the paste box on the site given in point (1)
See The pictures for better understanding
 4-Click The 'Deadfly' optian 

 5-You will see a new link

6-Click the new link and Enjoy

Note-Some links will have files which may be deleted we will try to renew the links soon.You can report dead links on our forums

click here

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Dragon Ball Xenoverse To release for PC

Dragon Ball Xenoverse To release for PC
After the success of Dragon Ball Online on the PC Bandai Nanco is bringing Dragon Ball Xenoverse to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360and now steam {PC} .
This is a huge breakthrough for PC gamers as no Dragon Ball Z Games get released for PC.
The game looks to take THE FUN AND EPICNESS ENJOYED in a Dragon Ball Z Game to a whole new level.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse to release in Early 2015
check out the awesome trailer

Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Dragon Ball Z Movie to Release in 2015

New Dragon Ball Z Movie to Release in 2015

After the huge success of Dragon Ball Z Battle o the Gods. a new Dragon Ball Z Movie is in the making and is set to release in japan in 2015.Not much is know about the movie but the trailer reveals someone is getting revived by the eternal dragon .There are high rumors of Broly being that new threat but its all speculation .Akira Toriyama is playing an important role in moderating as well as ground level work in the movie

Check out the trailer

Friday, 2 May 2014

ZED-U To Release Next Version In Q3 2014

ZED-U To Release Next Version In Q3 2014
ZED-U is a fast progressing game that seems to be making all the right noises .The game was  announced not less than a year ago and at first was progressing towards anime style graphics but now is bended towards realistic style graphics like Earths Special Forces.

The newest release of the game is stated to come out in the end of June 2014 or later stated by the developer.The latest progress video shows the new beam struggle added to the game which was a golden feature of the legendary Game ZEQ2 LITE Public Beta 1.

check out the latest progress video

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 releases latest version

Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 releases latest version
The latest version of Dragon Ball Z SAGAS 2 has released by Samcross .This new update includes a more extended world map  and Goku can now transform to Super Saiyan. The game is still far from finished and you should try it out only for testing purposes

There are some chances that the creator will work more on this game and add a bot character for combat purposes

Watch the Progress video here
 Download Now

Saturday, 25 January 2014

DragonBall Online is Back

DragonBall Online is Back

After almost 4 years of  the game running, on september 26 2013 the Korean Version shut down and on october 31 2013 the Taiwan and Hong Kong versions also shut down  .Hence the official DragonBall Online came to an end

On December 31 2013 DBO Revelations revealed a video of them working on a new private server project or a new playable beta of DragonBall Online .The beta is going to be an english version of the game.There is no release date of the game as of yet but progress is in full swing

Watch the Video Below

DragonBall Online Private Server Project  Website

Facebook page

Monday, 4 November 2013

ZED-U Multiplayer and Character Customization in full swing

ZED-U Multiplayer and Character Customization in full swing
Two huge features of ZED-U are being worked on in full swing namely Characters Customization and Multiplayer.Character Customization allows the user to choose a particular outfit or modify the outfit to his/her desire.
As for multiplayer things seem to be getting better and better with the team is continuously checking the smoothness of multiplayer

Here is the latest progress of Multiplayer and Character Customization in motion

Friday, 25 October 2013

DragonBall Doom Remake Work In Progress

DragonBall Doom Remake Work In Progress



 DragonBall Doom was a mod for the original Doom PC game {20002} which has with the times become a standalone DBZ PC Game.{2012} and now in 2013 is set for a whole new awesome makeover. 

Qwerty from the DragonBall Games And  Mods page has started working on this old school DragonBall Z MOD and has shown some noteworthy progress in the past few days .The game seems to have picked up the awesome style look and feel and looks amazing from the progress videos.

Check out the progress videos for yourself and enjoy

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Highly Anticipated ZED-U Alpha Version Releases

The Highly Anticipated ZED-U Alpha Version Releases
On 29 July 2013 ZED-U started its development process with the game being developed on the  powerhouse Unity engine.And now the first alpha has finally gone public

This is what the game managing director had to say:
"The Prealpha release features one fight with Nappa (MORE TO BE RELEASED). The Alpha version is a start from scratch and we're working on Multiplayer now. Multiplayer is 100% functional, the game just isn't finished. The Multiplayer version is currently not for public release, but there are open Alpha Testing slots for people to sign up to play the game during Alpha production" then give him a link to the article for people to sign up.'

Our Take:The game seems to be very impressive with a random story mode of Goku vs Nappa.
The graphics seem to be much better and also resembles the anime style of DBZ Games.The game is still quite buggy but worth a try


Monday, 14 October 2013

Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Online

Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Online

Well guys!!! after the Download links have hit the net here is one final present before we start our long wait for the movie to hit theaters and also the english dub.We will look forward to providing more and more news regarding the movie and further developments of Dragon Ball Z

 Enjoy the movie guys :D

English Subs
Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle Of The Gods Online

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Download Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Movie With English Subs


Dragon Ball Z Battle Of  The Gods Movie With English Subs has Finally Arrived 
Download Now 

Note-We will soon share the Watch online link of the movie so stay tuned

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Movie Finally Hts The Internet

Dragon Ball Z Battle OF The Gods Movie Finally Hits The Internet
   Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods has finally hit Blu-Ray and DVDs in Japan.Just after the release the movie has also hit the internet as predicted by Dragon Ball Z Analysts.The movie is available but there are no English subs.Actually there are english subs but the translations are don by some software and are not translated well.

You can Download the raw version below just so for collection purposes or if you cant wait for proper subs .A proper sub to the movie is said to come out in a few days or more.But for now EVERY DRAGON BALL Z FAN SHOULD REJOICE 

Download Now

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Game 'ZED' Features Announced

  New Game 'ZED' Features Announced

ZED-U is the newest Game added to the Dragon Ball Z Games For PC Cart list.The game development is in full swing and a beta is said to have a single player in the next 30 days .Currently numerous gameplay videos are being uploaded to youtube so feel free to check them out as well and have your say about it

The game creator AraVind has just announced the game features and we mu8st say they are some quite impressive feature list

  • Different gameplay from Earths Special Forces and ZEQ2 LITE but similar to Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  • Multiplayer
  • Bots
  • Single Player Campaign
 Check out the progress/gameplay videos

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods Relases in Philippines.Release dates of other countries also out

Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods Releases in Philippines.Release dates in other countries also out

Dragon Ball Z Battle of the Gods has released in theaters of Philippines which is really strange because the movie was supposed to head on to blue-ray in japan this september. We are not fully sure if its released in sub titles or a local language dub but we are getting some info that its available in the local dub {country language}. There is still no english dub yet. 

The IMOB website which is currently listing the movie airing info in different countries has posted some release dates of different countries.

check it out 
USA 2013
Japan 30 March 2013
Philippines 14 August 2013
Mexico 30 August 2013
Argentina 19 September 2013
Peru 26 September 2013
Chile 10 October 2013
Brazil 11 October 2013

Saturday, 10 August 2013

New Dragon Ball Z PC Game 'ZED' Being Worked ON

New Dragon Ball Z PC Game 'ZED' Being Worked ON

A new game named 'ZED' which is the newest Dragon Ball Z Game to be created For The PC.It is being created by Aravind the same guy who created the Epic Ultimate Blast Gamepack for ZEQ2 Lite.The game is similar to to ZEQ2 LITE. in fact looks identical to the game.The game is being worked on the Unity engine and we hope to see a beta release soon

Meanwhile check out the video.The game has some improved Graphics

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dragon Ball Z Games For PC 3rd News Round Up

After a lot of hard work we have made our 3rd News Round up video.The video highlights all the important news regarding new releases and developments of Dragon Ball Z PC Game.We are also very happy that this is also our 20th Video of our Channel and we promise to make better videos in the future.

  • The video talks about 
  • Earths Special Forces Still Work in Progress
  • ZEQ2 Lite Final version of bots released
  • Dragon Ball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny Finally Goes Public
  • ZEQ2 LITE Fusion Edition 3 working to fix lag issue 
  • ZEQ2 Lite Ultimate Blast Release 
  • Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 Beta 1 Released
  • New Unity Engine Dragon Ball Z Game WIP
  • Bid For Power Still alive
Watch the video here.Please subscribe if you liked the video

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dragon Ball Z Battle of The Gods To release on Japanese DVD/ Blu ray This September 2013

Well some really good news as Dragon Ball Z Battle Of The Gods is all set to release in Japan on DVD and Blu-Ray this september 13 2013 .The movie wont have any english subtitles but its actually to early to say.The movie will be sold in all stores across Japan And it will be online for ordering at Amazon Japan.

Once This movie releases In japan it will make its away on the internet namely Video Streaming sites by october.Sub titles may also be added by hardcore fans and maybe even a fan made dub.The demand for this movie in English around the world is very intense so we are expecting all good to happen after the movie hits the internet .

Source SaiyanIsland

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bid For Power Still Alive

Well a new post on Anime Mod Planet just popped up reporting that they are still working on the Epic game and is not dead.They are currently working on fixing the final release and also get some online servers running.Remember Multiplayer and story mode will be the main feature of this final release

Post from Anime Mod Planet
' Hello Royal EBFPF Fans,
English Bid for Power Final 6.0 is not dead!
We are still working hard to get this last Release finished for you guys!
We are planing some Online Servers to play with your friends and enemys :-)

Thank all for your help, to keep this Mod alive!



Source-Bid For Power Website 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Now You can play Bid For Power On your Android Phone

Well here some interesting stuff ,Now you can play Bid For Power {PC Game} on your Android OS Phone.A good revival for this legendary game and now new age fans can also be introduced to one of the first Dragon Ball Z PC games.Sadly there is no news on the final version of Bid For Power which was supposed to release in 2012.

Here are the instructions to play
1. Download Open Arena from Google Play and run it. Wait the download of the PK3 files (12) and play Open Arena.

2. Download my Bid for Power ioquake3 Bid for Power 1.2 and install it. Open the folder "baseoa" and delete "1.pk3" "2.pk3", rename the folder to "Bid For Power".

3. Copy the "Bid For Power" folder on your Android device

4. Run Open Arena, select the mod and play.                                              

Help Topic

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Leaked Earths Special Forces Video is just an April Fools Prank

                          Well if you found this video on youtube and thought the game got leaked due to all the rumors going around it is actually a fake.This hole prank was engineered by the ESF forum itself as an april fools joke.Yeah even we were fooled by this prank and it truly got us searching for the leaked version of ESF Final.

Here is a post from Grega  of the Earths special forces forum to justify the entire incident
  "We pulled a prank on the community with the help of part of the community, or rather a part of the community pulled a prank on the rest of the community with the help of the devs/mods.

A large number of people fell for it. it's not quite Earth Special Forces Kidz meterial or scale, but as an april fools joke it was successful. Much more than the ones we did in the past 3 years no less. And it wasn't even our joke to begin with. We just made 3 or 4 pictures from ingame and a short video with raven playing cowboy terrorist and dalte providing a voice over.

Our "hacker" accounts even got quite a few PMs wanting the link to the "leaked" client. So how is that not a success. And sorry but if anyone gets so buthurt over an april fools joke, then they need to grow up.

Now if I was on the other end of this, would I be tinkled. Yes, for a while, but then id pretty much laugh it off like I did with Earth Special Forces Kidz"

Site opinion-After thinking about it we were offended for a while but then we got over it and understood it was just a April Fools Joke.At least we got to see some more progress so yeah requesting all The Earths Special Forces fans to chill

Monday, 1 April 2013

New Dragon Ball Z PC Game being created

                                                             A new Dragon Ball Z PC game has just started its road to awesomeness.The game currently does not have a name but looks very promising just two months into its progress.Its being worked on the unity engine.The creator has already released two test beta's.There is currently only one playable character {Goku} and a bot Vegeta.Melee and ki attacks are already possible

Download From here

Game Topic

Monday, 25 March 2013

Road For Dragon Ball Adventures Comes To an End

DragonBall Adventures exclusive gameplay 05-02-07 - Mod DB

Some very sad news as a very promising Dragon Ball Z Mod seizes progress.The team was already facing problems in regular progress and decided to call it quits

 here is the message  

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Welcome To the new Dragon Ball Z Games For PC News Blog

 Welcome To the new Dragon Ball Z Games For PC News Blog.Due to some faulty issues we have lost our original blog page.We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and we are currently in damage control mode.

Currently we are trying to retrieve all the lost posts on our old blog.Most of them wont be fond again so we will just add a summary or just a 1 sentence update.Luckily we had made 2 news round up videos an our facebook page has some info on the lost pages.

So yes !! we request you to bare with us till we get everything in order

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