Saturday, 6 July 2013

Dragon Ball Z Games For PC 3rd News Round Up

After a lot of hard work we have made our 3rd News Round up video.The video highlights all the important news regarding new releases and developments of Dragon Ball Z PC Game.We are also very happy that this is also our 20th Video of our Channel and we promise to make better videos in the future.

  • The video talks about 
  • Earths Special Forces Still Work in Progress
  • ZEQ2 Lite Final version of bots released
  • Dragon Ball Z Heroes Of Our Destiny Finally Goes Public
  • ZEQ2 LITE Fusion Edition 3 working to fix lag issue 
  • ZEQ2 Lite Ultimate Blast Release 
  • Dragon Ball Z Sagas 2 Beta 1 Released
  • New Unity Engine Dragon Ball Z Game WIP
  • Bid For Power Still alive
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